Our Aromatherapy Blends



Recharge (Lemon, Ginger & Lemongrass)

Boost your energy & let your spirit soar with our zesty Recharge blend.

Recharge combines fresh Lemongrass with pure Lemon and powerful Ginger to boost your body and soul with nature’s bright energy.

Natural Combinations

Using the bright purifying qualities of Lemongrass with the uplifting zing of Lemon, we combined this with the warm energy of Ginger to relieve tension and boost energy. Perfect for putting a spring back in your step.



Calming (Lavender & Bergamot)

Our special Calming blend combines sweet aromatic Lavender and the essence of uplifting Bergamot fruit to soothe and evaporate stresses.

Healing Essential Oils

Lavender was selected for its precious attributes and beautiful scent. It is recognised for its power to improve sleep, it can soothe headaches, and its healing properties restore skin’s vigour. Combined with Bergamot, which acts as a natural anti-depressant, this blend is a perfect balance of therapeutic plant properties to relax and unwind naturally.

Breathe deep and let the blend of Bergamot and Lavender calm you from within while restoring your natural balance.




Intuition (Patchouli, Rosewood  & Geranium)

Stop thinking & Start feeling with our Intuition blend.

Intuition is a pure blend of Patchouli, Rosewood  & Geranium extracts combined to soothe and revitalise, leaving your skin with a silky hydrated glow.

Secrets in the Plants…

Lovingly made with sensual Patchouli to centre your emotions, Rosewood to ground and soothe your body and soul, and Geranium to relieve anxiety, balance and revitalise your skin.



Happiness – (Rose geranium, Orange & Mint)

Lift  your spirits with our invigorating, bright Happiness blend.

Happiness has a scent - and we discovered it’s a combination of sweet Rose Geranium, the summery citrus zing of Orange, and the uplifting freshness of Mint.

Apply Happiness Generously

We took the mood enhancing sweetness of Rose Geranium for its balancing properties and combined it with the unmistakably energy of Orange’s revitalizing properties. Finally, we added a dash of lively Mint with its wonderful anti-inflammatory and stress relieving properties. All the ingredients for a wonderfully scented Happiness you can wear all day.