Mo Maison by Rebecca

Posted by Jane Pawiroredjo on

These selections from Mirins Copenhagen are heavenly! Beautiful minimalistic branding, glass bottles, quality paper box and tins, all their products smell really lovely too! The room was filled with an amazing fragrance when I was shooting it.

They are of course not only amazing on the surface but also on me! The 'Calming' Aromatherapy Soy Candle has a really soothing and calming effect when lit at night on the bedside table, it helped put me to sleep more soundly.

My 2 holy grail products from these selections are the 'Recharge' Aromatherapy Body Oil and 'Intuition' Herbal Body Scrub!!!The body oil absorbs well and quickly into the skin, leaving almost no or minimal greasy feeling and it is really hydrating and moisturizing! The herbal body scrub exfoliates my body well and my skin feels smooth like a baby bum after a shower with it!

Out of all the perfume rollers I own, the 'Happiness' Perfume Roller catches my heart and tickle my happy senses the most, loving the smell of the combination of Rose Geranium, Orange and Mint. It really is perfect!


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